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Animal Totems: Accept the Gifts They have to Offer You

Imaginary Guides

You might think of your Animal Totems like imaginary guides for your life. Because each animal imparts a unique energy or power to your daily life, you might also consider them Power Animals. In order to know yourself better and own yourself better, you need to know about 333 meaning in law of attraction

Native Americans observed how animals lived, found partners, found food, and protected themselves. This allowed them to identify the animal's strengths and weaknesses. One example is that bears hibernated throughout the winter. This was why it was believed they had the ability to dream. Bear Energy was also about their physical strength and power.

It is amazing to observe that different cultures (not only Native Americans) have come up with similar interpretations of each animal.

Spiritual Energies

Native Americans, as well as other cultures, used Shamans in order to connect with nature and the power that the animals. These Shamen were able to connect with the animal's "manitou" by dreaming and visualizing. The manitou (primal spiritual energy) of an animal can be described as its wolfness, deerness, or foxness.

The belief was that each human being had a specific manitou (or a few) to which they were particularly attuned. These were their personal animal totems.

Although vision quests are the most common way to find their totems, there were other methods that totems could make themselves known. If you were attacked by wild animals, it was thought that the totem of that animal had chosen you.

Spiritual and Physical Qualities

Each animal that exists has many different qualities. You might feel a deep connection with your Animal Totems, feel a strong affinity towards them, or simply want more of these qualities in your life.

Below are brief descriptions of some characteristics of a few animals. Take your time. They could be your Animal Totems.

Skunk: Self confidence, self-esteem and self-respect.

Alligator - Power to survive, keeper for ancient wisdom, and clairvoyance

Cat: Magical, mystery, curiosity and independence. Healing, unpredictability, inner peace, moving through fears.

Frog: Vision in all directions. Metamorphosis, spiritual cleansing, and creative power.

Shark: Peace and solitude, emotional transformation, protection power

Your Animal Totems are there to guide you and protect your every step of the way. Consider putting images of the animal in your home if you have a strong connection with it. This will make the animal feel welcome in your space.

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