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How to Buy Smartly at Storage Unit Auctions

Make the right decisions when you buy abandoned storage units get the facts. It is easy for people to get caught up in hurry and end up buying junk. You should take as much time as you can to inspect the items inside silent auctions. It is important to open as many of the boxes as possible in order to fully appreciate what you are getting. It is important to remember that just because something is called "gold bars", it does not necessarily mean that it contains gold bars. Make sure you consider the contents of the unit as well as the price you think they are worth. Our standard formula includes at least doubling the price of each item or the amount spent on the whole unit.

If I find an item I am able to sell for $50.00, I won't pay more than $25.00. Before you make an assessment on an item, you must have an idea of its worth. It's a good idea for an auctioneer to have a mobile phone that has internet access. This is the best place to find accurate pricing information online.

Live auctions require you to be extra cautious when bidding. Be sure to get the best look possible. Be sure to be up front and present during bidding, so you can have a clear look at the items. You should stand tall so you can see the rear of the unit. Don't forget your flashlights! Base your bids on how much content is in the unit. Even the most spacious storage units may only have a tiny amount of space. Unless you are able to spot something extremely valuable inside the unit, don't bid too much.

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