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Piano or Guitar? Why piano is better for music starters than guitar?

It is difficult to discern it from only one aspect. I have found that either a keyboard or a used piano are the most intuitive instruments to begin with. But, this is a big BUT! Let's look at this from multiple angles.

1. Your goal (which would you imagine playing with the piano/guitar?
2. What type music do you prefer?/ Who are some of your favorite artists?
3) Instruments (choices, price range, stores & portability)
4 Learning ease (for both the short-term and the long-term).
5 Performance possibilities

1. Your goal

You should have an idea about why you want to learn piano or guitar. Maybe you have friends who are musicians. Perhaps you feel the urge to play an instrument. To help you visualize your dream, I ask that you do so purely and honestly without any distractions such as a difficulty or a cost. If you are an unknown musician, you will be able to afford any instrument. Which instrument are your favorite? It's entirely up to you.

2. What type of music would you like to hear?/ Who are some of your favorite artists?

You will be able to sing and play your favorite songs while learning how to play. Are you looking to learn how to play a classical song such as "Fur Elise", by Beethoven, or a rock song like "Stairway from Heaven" (Led Zeppelin)? You could play any song on both the guitar and the piano. However, if you play the instrument of your preference according to your favorite artist, it will sound just like the original song. You might feel like a good musician. This feeling can make music a joy. Which one was the most influential in your music?

3 Instruments

Piano: Acoustic piano, Digital piano and Electric keyboard, mobile phone apps, for the guitar (classical guitar, folk guitar, country guitar, electric bass, apps),

Price range - Lower to Higher for the new piano (apps free, keyboards $50, digital pianos $ 500, acoustic and electric pianos $2,000) for new guitar (apps free, any kind of guitars $100) for used ones (from ....?) free)

Where to buy and transport. Most major cities have piano or music stores. You can search online to find the closest store and have it delivered at your doorstep. It is easy to carry the keyboards and guitars, as well as the lighter weight keyboards, and have them delivered. While some digital pianos may be disassembled, you might need to transport it with two people or a cart. The special piano movers must deliver the acoustic instruments. The store may offer free shipping if the piano is purchased.

4) Easy Learning Process

[For the brief-term]

You can see which notes you're playing. It is almost as though you are typing on the computer keyboard. However, the keyboard itself can be used as a map. It would be like you were singing a tune as you pressed any keys with one hand. It is easy to use the fixed pitch. It is an excellent choice for children and beginners. Music making is a satisfying experience that you can immediately feel.

Guitar -It's easier to compose a melody the first time than using the piano. You need to use your left arm to determine which notes to fix and your right hand to play the string. You might find it difficult to play the chords. Your left hand must press several strings at once in unusual positions that you would not normally form. Recommend for teens and adults up, according to physical ability.

[For a long-term view]

As your skills develop, you will need to be able to play the piano and read the music. However, if your learning is going as fast as possible, you will enjoy every step of the process.

You can learn the chords and play any song (especially pop songs), to accompany or sing along. If you're learning classical repertoire, such as "Memories of Alhambra", then you will be learning more technical skills. The rock band songs may have nice solos on the guitar, and those should be easy to master.

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