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Self Storage Consumers Look For Convenience

In today's fast-paced environment, convenience is the most important thing people want in products and services brilliant storage. This means they want something that makes their lives easier and can help them get to work quicker. This is also true for self-storage units. Most people will choose a convenient spot that is near their home or close enough to them to require them to drive.

Self storage clients want easy access to their belongings. The facility should be close to their house so they can feel secure rather than having their belongings stored in a remote area. A 2004 study by the Self Storage Association (SSA), confirmed this important consideration of convenience when choosing a self storage facility. This extensive study, which took over four months, was done to determine the demand of self-storage customers.

The study found that convenience is the most important factor in determining whether a facility has climate control, temperature control, and shelving. Convenience is also one of the top five factors consumers take into consideration. These include the ability to access the facility and the availability of drive up parking, 24/7 access to the rental units and electronic security at the gates. Pest control is an important consideration that does not necessarily relate to convenience. The same study revealed that most people rent these self-storage units, including those that have drive-up access and are easily accessible. The modern mobile type is preferred over the facility that is set up in one spot.

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