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"Just don't say no to drugs." I don't know how many times people have heard this advice but still think little about going to their local pharmacy to pick up their drugs prescriptions. If you are new to this sacred and life-changing medicine and how it can help you, you can check it out on

Drugs have become mainstream. North The US is now flooded with all kinds of drugs, legal and not. Prescription drugs became so common, trace amounts of these substances are currently found in our food chain and in our drinking waters.

Perhaps the most astonishing thing is the sheer number of people who have died each year because of adverse reactions to prescription medication. The numbers are so staggering that the United State of America has identified adverse drug reactions as 4th most common cause of death.

Every civilized person can consider the prescription of medications and the profession associated with it a crime if they have such a file. Pharmaceuticals can also be legal. They are encouraged by modern medicine and Christianity in the U.S.A. However, this is certainly interesting since the Bible, the bible that Christians live by, bans almost all drugs, potions or spells. It's known as pharmakeia according to the actual textual content. This information can be found at Galatians five, 19-21.

Most Christians, when confronted with the fact that God condemns pharmakeia training, imagine that Apostle Paul was referring illegal medication (like marijuana and heroin) when he wrote the letter to the Church in Galatia. This is undoubtedly not a prescription drug. They might be acceptable in regards to the very initial component.

In the first century AD, hallucinogenic prescription medications and drugs that were narcotics were quite common. Datura, an alkaloids-rich Jimson plant, was used in the quest for visions by the Oracles of Delphi. Christians have no problems defining pharmacykeia within a parameter that includes thoughts altering or hallucinogenic pharmaceuticals. Many Christians have trouble finding a sinister and dangerous non secular link with all the prescribed medicines.

The truth is that if Christians were just as concerned about children receiving illegal drugs from their parents, then there would be far fewer people dying. The reason is that adverse prescription medication reactions lead to more deaths than the fatalities caused by illegal medications.

Illegal medication-related deaths didn't even make it to the top ten kill lists in the United State of America currently. Many Christians worry about this, even though it is a scourge. Many Christians feel that authorized medicine is varied simply because they are part a health-related program. They believe anyone can give and dispense medicine, even if they are carrying white robs. They do not know that everything they do in relation to the pharmaceutical industry violates the spiritual foundational facts and teachings God.

God is not against pharmakeia. Potentially, the primary purpose of God's condemnation of pharmakeia may be found in the fact God refers to Himself as Jehovahrapha or God our Healer (Exodus 15.26). He desires that we look to Him for healing (to give us our total), as He and only He can heal. This foundational truth was acknowledged by King David when he wrote:

Praise the LORD! O my soul! Do not forget to all his advantages-- who forgives you of all your sins and treats all your diseases, who redeems the pit that engulfs your life and crowns each one with true love and compassion (Psalm103.2-4).

Christians who are dependent on drugs unknowingly reject God's glory and ability to fix them. This is a hard truth for many Christians, as many Christians depend upon drugs. They continue to do this simply because they cannot see God in their hearts and minds as their Healer. They think that the age for divine healing is beyond them, so their faith in healing is currently a lie (a labor from the flesh) called pharmacykeia. God is truly a jealous God. When we see our dependence in anything but God, it is easy to turn our backs upon Him. We kept saying, "God does not provide enough for me." He can't or won't recover me.

It doesn't mean that we shouldn’t seek medical advice. The problem is that most medical specialists are secular and have limited knowledge of radiation, pharmakeia or surgical procedure. They do not understand Yehovahrapha. However, in most cases it is not the physician who is responsible. Physicians know that they must take care of patients according the mode of care they have been trained in.

God's Term states, "Do NOT believe that every spirit exists, but rather examine them." (I John 4:1). Again, you must test every thing. Stay strong and loyal to your superior. Avoid all forms and types of evil" ("I Thessalonians five.21-22).

If medication was essentially a laborator and heals men and women, and without killing or hospitalizing many individuals, this article wouldn't be necessary. But medication don't recover. They only suppress indications. At their worst, they can inflict death on around 2,000,000 people every 12 months.

Each medicine has its pros and cons. The major difference is that exceptional medication only heals. It never harms. Bad medicine will not heal, but it can kill. Medication that kills within the name of therapy is typically not from God. They belong in Satan.

God cannot accept any medication which kills or maims anyone under the title of therapeutic. This modality can be used against God. God doesn't receive glory for death. God receives glory for treating the sick. The pharmaceutical industry doesn't care about the therapeutic needs of the ill.

The preceding sentence, "keeping them there for your enjoyment of their lives," plays an important part in what God is concerned about. Galatians 5,21 will give you an overview of the textual content. The word "live" means to live, to depend upon, or to make a schedule. Simply put, To live by.