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These colleges are also known by the name junior colleges. A community college, which is a post-high-school institution of two years, offers Associate degrees, certification programs, and many other programs. Because community colleges are generally public schools the emphasis is on access to quality education. There is also a minimal admissions policy. If you want to be successful and get the best solution in going to college you need to work with a community college

Community colleges offer students of all backgrounds the chance to enroll and learn. The emphasis is on learning, and not the eventual accreditation (earning credits) or the degree. Most courses and programs offered at a typical community college do not require credit and are often aimed at imparting vocational skills and knowledge.

Community colleges, aside from the flexibility afforded by their two-year program are very similar to colleges with four year programs. Community colleges are designed to provide higher education for all students. However, they have minimum academic requirements. Combining an open-door policy with the benefits and structure of a four-year college system can make a significant difference in today's fast-changing social environment.

Due to the increasing demands of the work place, community colleges have grown in importance. Employers are now demanding more education and skills of their employees than ever. Employers look for college degrees that provide the most comprehensive education and knowledge. A two-year program at a community college prepares students for a career by offering vocational learning. Community colleges are a good option for students looking to start their college career or students who are not sure whether they want to take four years of college.