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Reputation is important for any small business owner. Online reviews can be detrimental to your credibility and brand. But online reviews can be beneficial for your business. Here are three benefits of using online reviews: tips for setting up your review system, what to consider when reviewing a review and how to design it. Visit our website and learn more about How to earn positive reviews.

Designing Your Online System

1. Google Alerts can also be set-up based upon key words. This will send to your inbox daily alerts whenever your Business, name, or key words are used online.

2. Ask for feedback. Send out your newsletter to solicit feedback. Ask for reviews on invoices and contracts by using the footer of your email. Another place to solicit reviews is via social media. Follow up with your customers, and ask for their reviews.

3. Add a link to your website and social accounts. Place the links to the reviews on both your website and social networks. If your customers read the reviews, they might be inspired to write one.

4. Respond quickly, politely, and personably. Good and bad reviews should be responded to quickly, politely, in a very personal tone, and with speed. If the person is not satisfied, offer a solution. Don't argue or be confrontational in responding to a negative feedback. Do not fight with others online.

5. Make adjustments. You will be able to evaluate what is working and what isn't in your business. Your business should be quick to correct any errors.

Things to think about

1. What is your overall score Don't worry if there is one negative comment.

2. When was your most recent review? If you do not have any reviews at the moment, ask for them. Make sure you are relevant.

3. What is the ratio of bad reviews to good? How many reviews do your customers have? Don't worry if one review is not positive.

4. What are the Terms of Services for this particular site? And can bad reviews be removed. People love to see bad or positive reviews. This gives them an objective view of the business. They can make their own judgement on whether the review was warranted or not. They will also take into account your overall score. If there were negative reviews and the host site allows it to be removed, then you should ask.

Online Reviews Offer Many Benefits

1. SEO – reviews can be helpful in search engine optimization.

2. Semantic Analysis is a way to understand the emotions of your reviewer. You need to be aware of how much you are putting on your own ego. What did they actually say about the review? What was the reviewer's expectation? The person might not have been your ideal customer, and you should not have sold the purchase.

3. Keeps you focused - When your online reputation is at stake, you will implement systems and regularly review them to make sure they are still working. We don't want to give poor customer service. Being aware that others can make a complaint will prevent you and your staff from becoming complacent.